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Biocera A.H.A. Water Bottle


Maintains healthy brain: Biocera A.H.A water is rich mineral-based alkaline essential water, giving proper hydration to the
brain. Drinking Biocera A.H.A water helps our brain function by improving memory, alertness, and
focus and reduce confusion.
Muscles and joints: Biocera A.H.A water helps to lubricate the muscles and the joints, preventing from Rheumatoid
arthritis and swollen joints.
Remove impurities: Biocera A.H.A water is effective at removing acidic wastes that are stuffed inside our body from our
unbalanced diets, environmental pollution, and heavy metals. Biocera A.H.A water improves the
quality of the body in the organs and the cells.
Improves blood functions: Biocera A.H.A water helps to maintain body performances by regulating blood pressure such as
Hydrates the skin: Biocera A.H.A water hydrates the skin, maintaining the best quality of the skin condition. Biocera
A.H.A water is effective to hydrate the body and give freshness to our skin.
Anti-aging: Biocera A.H.A water prevents wrinkles from developing. Biocera A.H.A. water suppresses harmful
active oxygen which prevents aging properties.


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